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MCX gold live price data can be conveniently obtained from the website to assist in gold futures trading.   International traders wanting to tap this Exchange, which is ranked first in silver contracts and second in gold contracts, will benefit from knowing that the multiplication factor for converting troy ounces to grams is 31.1035.  In reverse, the number is .0321507.  For kilograms to troy ounces, use 32.1507.  And for kilograms to tolas, simply use 87.755.  Finally, all traders should be aware of how karats relate to fineness.  Pure gold is considered to be 24 karat.  The fineness, which is defined as parts per thousand are thus easy to discern.  18 karats, for example would be 18 or 24 possible parts, giving us 750 fineness.


MCX Gold Live Price And Gold Fundamentals

Gold enjoys the status of being not only a commodity with minor industrial application, but also the ultimate honest form of money globally recognized.  Gold is virtually never consumed, or used up, and instead remains part of the global pool of available gold, though the form and owner may change over time.  The amount of gold mined at any given time may not change radically in a hurry, but there is always a source of above ground supply in the form of scrap or stockpile to help feed increased buying pressure.  Since gold is real money, and hence is not a part of the fiat currency system, the MCX gold live price tends to move in opposition to paper money that has no value and serves as a dependable way to store value and protect wealth.  Thus the popularity of gold funds and other ETF gold products.

MCX Gold Live Price In Light of Surging Demand


Gold has been the subject of increasing demand in recent years as failing fake money systems around the world generate increasing interest in tangible assets.  For instance, China and India have become significant gold buyers.  Although cultural components are in play, the rising stockpiling of gold has increasingly been for investment purposes.  China’s hoarding of gold is pushing that country’s assets towards a larger percentage in gold as its appetite for U.S. Treasuries weakens.  These factors serve to drive up the MCX gold live price.

The basis for demand and apportionment of above-ground stockpile is similarly situated.  Jewelry is estimated to be responsible for about two-thirds of gold demand each year, and it’s believed that over half of above-ground stock is held as jewelry.  Investment demand accounts for a large part of buying pressure, and there is always a mild degree of industrial need.  Likewise, about 17% of unmined gold is held for investment, and nearly 12% is for industrial application.  Nearly 18% of all above-ground gold is government reserves.  The amount held for personal investment will no doubt surpass government stockpiles and that held by central banks.

Gold supplies come from both active mining activities and recycled gold.  Gold is also sometimes sold from central banks, most likely in an effort to suppress gold price spikes.  Mining accounts for about 2,500 tons annually.  Nearly 1,400 tons are from the other sources.  As of 2007, China surpassed South Africa as the largest gold producer on the planet.  South Africa had been the greatest gold producer since 1905.  China produced two hundred seventy-six tons that year.  The Unites States, Australia, Peru, and Russia remain large gold producers.

MCX Gold Live Price And How India Factors In


India imports about 700 tons of gold annually, and that number is rising sharply in the last few years.  As its demand outpaces its imports, the difference is made up with a minor amount of production and a large degree of recycling.  The extent to which gold is used in jewelry keeps it available for re-use.  Religion also accounts for gold demand as well.  India currently has about one-tenth of worldwide stockpiles, and that number is growing.

MCX Gold Live Price Based On Additional Factors

There are a number of factors that can impact the current MCX gold live price.  Overall, Indian gold prices keep good parity with international prices.  Of course, currency exchange rates unavoidably impact gold prices from one country to the next.  It’s difficult to ratchet up supply of gold quickly, and investors have been placing greater demand on this supply.  In terms of a given paper currency, then, the “price of gold appears to rise.

Central banks can manipulate the MCX gold live price as well by flooding the market with gold sold from stockpiles.  This serves to make everyone believe the fiat money is good if gold prices are stable or falling.  Similarly, when the economy is perceived to be strong, interest in gold may wane, as it’s often seen (if even sub-consciously) as the safe haven to weather financial storms.  However, with sovereign debt problems and failing fiat currencies everywhere, any pull back in the MCX gold live price merely represents one last opportunity to purchase at a discount.

MCX Gold Live Price